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57 Biographical Sketches of Washington Suffragists Now Available!

Washingtonians answered the call and have completed 57 biographical sketches of Washington women suffragists for the Online Biographical Dictionary of the Woman Suffrage Movement, a crowdsourced biographical database of over 3,500 suffragists nationwide.

This was a grassroots effort with research by students, historians, League of Women Voters members, retired software engineers, professors, research hobbyists and reference librarians.

For your convenience, here is a list of the 57 Washington suffragists who have (or will have) biographies in this database. (Please note that some biographies have not been uploaded yet and are awaiting links)

  1. Ida Olsen Abelset

  2. Mrs. Rose Ascherman

  3. Ida Agnes Baker

  4. Mrs. Flora Spangler Bash

  5. Annie Brown

  6. Mary Olney Brown

  7. O'Rilla B. Willett Carmichael

  8. Mrs. Sophie L W Clark

  9. Nena Jolidon Croake

  10. Mrs. Dora W Cryderman

  11. Fannie Leake Cummings

  12. Emily Inez Denny

  13. Emma Smith DeVoe (biography 1) (biography 2)

  14. Dr. Cora Eaton Smith

  15. Mrs Edward P. Fick

  16. Mabel Fontron (biography 1) (biography 2)

  17. Rosabell Glass

  18. Emma Glenn

  19. Mrs. Anna E Goodwin

  20. Mrs. Alice M. Grover

  21. Mrs. Margaret Heyes Hall

  22. Carrie Hill

  23. Mrs. Silvia A Hunsicker

  24. Mrs. May Arkwright Hutton

  25. Mrs Lucie F Isaacs

  26. Edith DeLong Jarmuth

  27. Linda Jennings

  28. Jennie Jewett

  29. Luema Greene Johnson

  30. Helen Kangley

  31. Lucy Kangley

  32. Dr. Sarah Kendall

  33. Genevra Lake

  34. Ellen Leckenby

  35. Elizabeth Lord

  36. Virginia Mason

  37. Mattie Cecilia McGregor

  38. Hester Jane Miller

  39. Mrs. Margaret C. Munns

  40. Mrs. Martha Offerdahl

  41. Mary G O'Meara

  42. Adelia Parker

  43. Helen Benson Perkins

  44. Mrs. Margaret B. Platt

  45. Eleanor M. Rininger

  46. Mrs. Phebe A Ryan

  47. Bernice A Sapp

  48. Bessie Savage

  49. Dr. Anna Scott

  50. Georgia B Smith

  51. Katherine Smith

  52. Elizabeth Palmer Spinning

  53. Mrs. Ethel Stalford

  54. Mrs. E M Wardall

  55. Mrs. Roy Welch

  56. Judge Reah Whitehead

  57. Mrs. H.D. Wright

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